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      Hi all !!!

      I both the TF 3 weeks ago and it doesn`t working good… I will try to explain.
      ( I have this problem with all 3 version 1.1, 2.0 and 2.0.2b4 )

      First, my signal path is:

      guitar > fuzzfactory (zvex) > wha-wha (Vox) > bb preamp (xotic) > classic distortion (tonebone) > semaphore tremolo (catalinbread) > analog chorus (voodoo lab) > TIMEFACTOR > amp. ( Tiny Terror – Orange )

      When I use the Timefactor without the overdrive, the fuzz or the distortion pedals, the sound that comes out of the delay is good and clean.
      But, When I turn on the overdrive, the fuzz or the distortion with the timefactor, it starts to sound very bad, like its crashing.

      PS: the connection I made is the same as the user guide recomendation, in page 09. Out Lvl is in Amp and the In Lvl is in Guitar. The peak LED does not light in any moment. Even when I reverse the positions ( Out Lvl in Line and In Lvl in Line > all combinations

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       Hi Rafa,

       You have a lot of pedals adding gain before your signal hits your TimeFactor. I would  try setting the TimeFactor's Input switch to Line, and the Output switch to amp. If that doesn't help then try lowering the output level knobs on the other pedals.

      You could also try taking all pedals out of the chain and putting them back in one at a time to try and pinpoint where the problem is coming from.  



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      Hey Alan !!!

      Thanks for your answer !!! I did all this things you said before post this message… Im connecting just the BB Preamp > TimeFactor > Amp… and its sounds bad… Doesnt matter what drive pedal I use…  And whatever the combination of Input and Output I use… The sound is crashing !!! Im so sad !!! I used the DD-2… DD-3… Deluxe Memory Man… Nova Delay… and its never hapened !!!

      Sorry my bad English… Im from Brazil !!! hahaha !!!

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       How about posting a clip with and without this "crashing" sound?

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      Trazan !!!

      I will record a clip !!! Where is the best place to post ? Im new here !!!

      Thanks Trazan !!!

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