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      I am having trouble getting a good solid sound out of the time factor in the Rectifier parallel loop.   I Compared to the sound of it true bypassed and there is an out of phase sound when activated.  Switches on back are on line level.   I tried killdry and it just sounds weird.  I use a 25k ernie ball volume in the loop before the delay for nice swells.   Any suggestions?    

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      Eventide Staff

      One would normally use KILLDRY in this application – it is why it is there. You may have some other problem. Try it without the volume pedal.

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      I get a big volume drop when I switch to killdry, is that normal?  I'm about to drive over to Mesa Boogie and get my triple rectifier modded for a series loop, is that a good idea?  Would that solve most problems?  What do you guys think? 

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      Digital pedals delay the signal a bit  (A/D and D/A conversions) such that it will be out of phase with your straight through analog amp path. Parallel loops are a hangover from the past when most pedals were analog and it was thought that having your main signal un-effected would maintain purity of tone….nice in theory but not with digital. You need a series loop (or parallel set to 100% loop,  which amounts to series). Then the dry signal goes through the pedal and actually gets digitalized as well as the processed part, so no phase problem.

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      That's a good idea; wish I could just drive over to Mesa Boogie, then again, here in London, I can just drive over to France. Back to loops: some time ago I had my 2001 Laney LC15R loop modified from parallel to series and just noticed that their latest version, the LC15-110 has indeed a series loop. They're slowly getting it. Another thing, ask whoever modifies your loop to check that your reverb send is post loop: with the Laney, that had to be reconfigured as well.

      Merry Xmas.

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      Thanks for the help.  I went to Mesa in Hollywood to get my loop modded, ended up buying the new multi-watt Triple Rectifier with the series loop.  Sounds much better!!  They are modding the older one for me too, but I will probably sell it in a few days. 

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      If you're getting a big volume drop when active and bypass when using KillDry, you're send/return levels on your amp may be mismatched, or the instrument/line switch on the pedal may be set incorrectly. With my DualRec, I usually set the send and return levels to 50%, set both switches on the pedal to Instrument, and turn KillDry on.

      Another option is to set the amp's Send to 50%, the amp's Return to 100%, both pedal switches to instrument, and KillDry off. Setting the amp's return control to 100% makes the loop perform like a series loop.

      Goldgolb hit the nail on the head with the explanation why.

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