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      Hi There,

      I’m having a problem with my timefactor when I plug the power in its startup for 2 seconds and shuts off immediately.

      If I take the power cable out and plugged it in again, it shuts off after 1 second.

      If I let it cool down it’s back to the 2 seconds startup and shuts off.

      I thought that something there might get overheated so I put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes and when I plugged it in it worked! It went through the startup process and worked as usual. sometimes after a few hours on a hot day, it shuts off again.

      I’ve already contacted support and they asked me to send it over to the US for repair. the thing is that I live far away from the US and to send it over will cost almost as buying a brand new unit.

      Update already been done (after cooling the unit down to a very low temp).

      Now, I’m trying to fix it myself. I wonder if it’s an issue with the DSP itself or with another component.

      Do you think you can help me with that? If you do I will be extremely thankful for that and of course, I will take full responsibility for any damage.


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