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      I am planning on buying another amp and build a stereo setup. I love the sound of Dredg's guitar player, he creates nice spaces and primarily uses a Boss DD-6 on a standard setting for all of their songs (saw him live like four times, he never changed a setting on it), to create that "wide" effect. The Edge's sound is even better, but he uses rack gear with more parameters than the Boss box has. So I'd like to achieve a similar sound with the TF.

      When I connected the TimeFactor to two amps, I was a little disappointed with its lacking "hugeness", but maybe I haven't really understood how to use it.

      Is Delay A for the left side and Delay B for the right side, respectively?

      Right now with, my mono setup, I'm mixing both delays to have, let's say, a dotted eight note and a quarter note delays together at the same time (think U2).

      But there is no parameter for panorama or stereo width. And Filter Pong is the only delay type that is travelling from side to side, right?

      Are there any basic delay tricks to achieve this sound?

      I'm aware that using different delay times will create a spacy effect, but the missing parameters (for me) would be pre delay and stereo width.

      Any help is appreciated!

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      If you have both delay a and delay B on the same dotted 8th then you will have the repeats hitting exactly the same time and of course how would you achieve an stereo feel? I would recommend you use one with a 1/8 or 1/4 and then a dotted 8th. That's what I did works great. Especially for getting a fuller sound and you get a little ping pong action going on too.

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      I do have two different delay times on Delay A and B. But I'm not too happy with the ping pong effect or intensity.

      And the other question was: is Delay A only coming out the left output and Delay B out of the right output, when you connect both output jacks?

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