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      Eventide Staff

      Have you tried reinstalling the firmware and factory reset?

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      Hi, i posted this on reddit and was told to post here.


      I have a timefactor and a space stompbox and i’m noticing loud clicks coming from inside the pedal itself. It sounds like the noise when you cycle bypass modes.


      I haven’t noticed any weird audio behaviour though, however this is bugging me. It starts almost as soon as i turn the unit on, sometimes it may take 10-20 minutes. I also think that changing the preset temporarily stopped it, but only for a few minutes.

      I have it setup as

      Killdry ON

      Bypass DSP FX

      Any help is greatly appreciated, thankyou

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      same here. Since firmware 3.2 my Timefactor was completely prone. Not usable at all.

      And surprise..

      just startet working again since i was able to push firmware 5.2 via H9 Control onto the stompbox yesterday.

      I have freakin crazy pop sounds since firmware 3.5 that for sure come from buffer overflows or other software flaws. 

      Output 1 is not working at all no matter what i set. The timefactor starts sometime overdrives ending up in bitcrushy sounds that only disappear when i restart the device, changing preset or stopping input doesn’t stop it. When i check levels with H9 Control i see peaks properly for all in and outputs..

      When i turn the device off again output 1 is working again, so to speak its not a broken cable.

      If i start telling all discovered bugs it becomes a 3 or 4 page letter. 


      owning a H9, Space and Timefactor. 

      PS: I wish all the software would be straight practical oriented instead of shiny blinky blinky.

      I mean.. being developer (ios/mac/audio) myself, even thought of rewriting the whole thing (H9 Control).

      PS2: but for sure all the trouble i run into with Timefactor and H9 Control made me aware that i should invest in other brands for Echo and Halls. Sorry!

      Not writing this because i may be pissed. Writing because i know those bugs will not be solved in the near future.

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      Yes and censorship for device owning members does not make it better. So trumpish this forum.. freakin right what i wrote. well earned.

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      Eventide Staff

      From what you wrote it sounds like firmware 5.2 has fixed your issues. What other issues do you have with your TimeFactor? What level (guitar/line) do you use for the ins and outs?

      PS: I also don't get the censorship part.

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      Good morning, from Brazil, I have a PitchFactor and it has the same noise problems coming from the system, I used balanced cables and nothing changes, when I turn on the unit it works for a few minutes and then the noises start, I noticed that some effects accentuate the noises ( Harpegiador , Synthonizer , H910 / H949), already replaces the source, I used a sinusoidal UPS and it continues without conditions of use this unit, unfortunately.

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      same here. pitchfactor starts cracking after 3-5 minutes of using it . firmware 5.2 doesn’t help.

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      Eventide Staff

      Are you all using the supplied power supply  ? If not, please try it.

      Another thing – does it vary with different presets ?




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