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      It would be awesome if it were possible to re-activate the inifinite repeats function without disabling it, in order to create sequential pads and the like. That is, play a chord, hit Repeat for a sustaining pad, play another chord, hit Repeat again (once) for a new pad, and so on.

      I'm not sure how the infinite repeats function works exactly, so maybe it's not possible, but if the function only uses one channel of the dual delays, muting the input and cranking the feedback, it would presumably be possible to "flip-flop" between the two channels (ie, have the other channel receiving an input but having the output continually silenced).

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      You might be able to do something like this by assigning an expression pedal to flip the Delay Mix from A to B while also changing Delay Time and Feedback from low values to high values.

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