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      I just got another Timefactor again.  I am pleased that some of the ideas that were tossed around so long ago have been implemented, like the tape delay saturation control instead of the hiss.  

      One thing that I still would like to hear is a softened repeat (not softened volume), on all programs, but mainly the tape and vintage delays.  By that I mean, if you think about the attack of a note played on guitar, a digital delay will reproduce it perfectly, which the Timefactor does.  This has its uses, however, when using the Timefactor to reproduce ambient echoes, the unit sounds harsh–not in treble content because the filters are better now, but in the attack of the delayed signal. It is sharp and tends to conflict with the dry guitar.  

      My favorite analog and digital delays have a softened attack that almost swells into each repeat.  The last EHX Deluxe Memory Man I had did this very well.  The Damage Control Timeline which I also have now is able to produce much more convincing "vintage" delay sounds as well as has more musicality because of the "Smear" function.  

      Granted, there are only so many knobs on the Timefactor, but if there was perhaps a menu option for several levels of repeat softening, I'd really find a lot more use out of this pedal.  A knob would be ideal, but I know you guys can figure it out the best way to implement that function…at least to a few of the delay types.   It has everything else I love, the size, the functionality, programability, looks, layout, delay types and more.  I believe many guys would give running their analog delays alongside of it if we had this ability. 



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      Jim Love

      I concur with Chris. A little softer please.

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      Aye. The new saturation control for the tape delay doesn't work here…but when it does, I'm sure it would soften the peaks.

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      Yeah, the saturation is pretty subtle and could be increased.  It would soften the waveform, but not really the attack envelope of the note so much.  

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      Yes, I agree. Its that sharp edged first repeat that makes it sound digital.

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      Excellent suggestion, I would like to have the option to remove some of the attack form that first repeat. You have managed to put into words something I've tried to dial out of the Timefactor many times.

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      i agree, this would be very good update

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      Excacly what I was thinking!

      I actually made a preset to roughly emulate my EHX DMM: Using the mod delay, I set delay A to 391ms and delay B to 400, then by setting the delay mix to about 3A and 10B you kinda get this "swelling" the DMM does so well. 

      Of course now I can't use tap tempo anymore on this preset… Ah well, I never changed delay times on the DMM either.

      When I come to think of it: Why didn't eventide include an analog delay (DMM style) setting in the timefactor?

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      Another vote for "softer" repeats here.  Eventide will find a way, I know it. 

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