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      I have written an excel sheet to interpret a Timefactor Preset from the Sysex Dump in Hex And Convert all knob values and preset settings into decimal.

      This is useful for me to compare preset sounds and knob settings between my preset backups without having to tweak around with each knob on the Timefactor to find out what they are.

      I would like to know what the Range (In Dec) that each knob has.

      I have converted to decimal but realise that I need to scale the values to be representative of the settings. 

      i.e. Digital Delay. Xnob Range 2-200ms Dec Or 0-07FE Hex.

      I.e. Tempo is 0-200BPM Dec or 0-3000ms For 0-07Fe Hex.

      Are you able to give me this information?

      I could Not find this information in the TF Sysex PDF Document.

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      Eventide Staff

      The knob values in the preset range from 0 to 7fe0 hex. 32736 decimal.

      But, note that the relationship between this number and the displayed value is too complex to describe (it is different for each effect, and can change depending on the settings of other knobs and from version to version. It can also be non-linear.

      Best just to think of 0-32736 as being 0-100%.

      Can anyone guess where the number 32736 comes from ?

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      Its the maxum value of a 16bit (Integer)

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      Eventide Staff

      That would be 32767 …. there is an answer, but it's difficult.

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      32735 + 1   ???

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      Eventide Staff

      No. The hex value may give a clue ..

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