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      Not sure exactly how to set the delay time using the tap function.  I know you use the right footswitch, but do you need to tap twice or what does determine the dalay time?  I've tried it to set the delay time with tempo both on and off….still a bit baffled.  Thanks in advnace for your help.

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      Step one is to make sure you are in play mode and not bank mode. You do that by pushing and holding the right footswitch for a few seconds. While in this mode the middle footswitch will activate the repeat function and the left footswitch will bypass the effect. Once in this mode you tap the right footswitch at the tempo you want to set. Simply tap the right footswitch 3 or 4 times at the tempo you want. The TF will then automatically determine the tempo you used and display it in either a milliseconds value or a beats per minute number. Should be straight forward once you are in the correct mode.
      Hope this helps.

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      OK. so what about the presets? for example i have a tick delay set at 320 ms. we don't use click tracks when we play so my option is to tap in with the bass drum.my problem is that the tick delay doesn't sync. now I have other pedals were i can just set this delay tap along with the bass drum and whalah!! but by far are no were's near the sound quality of the TF. this also happens with my dotted 8th and quarter delays. HOW DO I FIX IT!!!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE..

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