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      now can I get this straight-
      If I construct a sound using two delay channels- eg a two head slap-back or a multi head edge type fx, and I try to use the Tap tempo to align the sound to a drummer for example, the unit reverts to single echo mode- this defeating the whole point of having 2 independant delay lines.
      Am I missing something here?

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      There is no 'single echo' mode.

      Sounds like you're tapping the two delays back to the same time.

      What are your settings? Is the tempo light flashing? 

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      Thanks for the reply-
      It seems to me that-yes-I am tapping both back to the same time-and that seems to be the architecture of the design. In overview- one echo has to designated the master tempo-and the 2nd a multiple, so when you tap-you reset the master, and the 2nd follows with the same multiple it had-but the reality is both align to the new tempo. So the 2nd echo offset you had is lost. Am I making any sense with this?
      Thanks again-any help appreciated

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       Are you in Tap Tempo mode?(that's what digital kettle was getting at)  If not, then using the tap switch will sync both times to the tap – rememberign the interval would be impossible, since you would have to tell it what the interval was relative to i.e. bpm). However, if you're in tap-tempo mode, then if one delay is set say for an eighth, and the other for a quarter note, then tapping will not lose the structure of the delay, but will only change the bpm. Does that make any sense?

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      I wouldn't have described it as master and multiple…just two independent delays.

      If tempo *is not* turned on, tapping the delay in sets A and B to the same time (ms)…seems to be a bit of a limitation but I can't think of a different and consistent behaviour.

      If tempo *is* turned on, your independent A & B subdivisions are preserved in relation to the new tempo…which is what you seem to want

      I barely ever use the unit without tempo being ON.

      Hope I've understood your problem there. 

      Edit: that's pretty much what Roobin said…bit of a posting-delay going on here! 😉

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      OK- no I wasn't in tempo mode-and yes the echoes are preserved this way. I was just pressing the bank select sw/- until xxx-bpm came up-which then puts both delays to the new tap time.So- each time you change banks- you lose the tempo selection, so you have to press down on the knob to re- engage it-and then access Tap via the Bank button and retain global tempo??

      Thanks for your time


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      Read p25 of the manual: 'Global – Tempo & Mix'

      n.b. the 'tempo on/off' setting is saved on a per preset basis

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      OK many thanks for your help kettle.

      Another case of RTFM…!!!



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      Haha…good spot…works every time! 

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