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      Hi all,

      Just wondered if anybody else has had a problem like this.  When I'm in bank mode and I hold down the tap footswitch to change over to tap mode, sometimes the timefactor will just not switch over, and if it does switch over to tap mode, it does not change the tempo when I tap the footswitch.  Other times, the tempo will change, but it will be drastically wrong.  For example, i'm playing a song that has a tempo of 135 bpm, and when I try to tap that in, i'll get a bpm of something like 76.  It's almost like my tap footswitch has a mind of its own.


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      I had to return the first Time Factor I bought due to an intermitent problem with one of the switches.  All is stable with the replacement unit though……..

      Just a thought…..Idea

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