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      I have a timefactor I use in bank mode with an aux switch.  Is there any way to select which patches can receive tap and which one don't?  For example if in a single bank I want my patch A to be tempo synched dotted eighth, but I want patch B I want it to always be at 600ms.  Seems like the tempo knob/switch just tells the time factor to show ms vs note values.  Even if I'm on the 600ms patch if I accidentally hit the tap tempo it'll alter that patches tempo.  I don't wanna dig into MIDI.  Help!

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      You have already discovered it.. when in non-tempo mode (where delay shows as milliseconds), all is good unless you happen to hit the tempo switch.  If you do, it behaves as if its in tempo mode on 1/4 note subdivision.  In practice I have found it's not that hard to just remember that rule and avoid hitting any  switch programmed for tempo.

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