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      Gio Makyo


      I've been using a TimeFactor for almost two years now and had something very strange happen the other night during a live performance. I always use the TimeFactor with MIDI CLOCK IN turned on to  synch the delay times up to the other gear I use; halfway through a live set, the MIDI CLOCK reception just stopped dead. I tried powering up again, but with no luck. I had to tap tempo for the rest of my set, but when I got home I explored further, and still can't locate the cause. I tried switching MIDI cables to rule out that as a cause. I went into System Mode to make sure  MIDI IN was enabled –it was. I restored factory settings to see if that would help — it didn't. 

      So to recap: I have a good MIDI cable running IN, the MIDI clock source is confirmed to be working OK, the TimeFactor is MIDI IN enabled (and receive channels is set to OMNI), but I still can't get any MIDI recognition on the TimeFactor; delay times remain only what they are set to manually. 

      Any ideas? Time to send it in for repairs? Or… ?

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      Eventide Staff

      Do any other MIDI inputs work ? If yes, the  problem is probably the source, if no, check cables and try a different source. If nothing works, support@eventide.com.

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