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      First off  I could not login to my eventide account  ..  I did the reset password and got NO response from Eventide after numerous attempts. I then emailed Eventide about it and got no response. I had to create this new account to ll letmake any contact. This new account will let me login here but the update utility will not let me download  ( it is the current version for OSX )  I get " +Failed downloading update http://update.eventide.com/update/bam/209032_V3B1.bam.Please check your user name and password.Please try again, or, if you continue having difficulty, please contact Eventide support.  "   I did reset my password as suggested.   please help  thanks  Greg

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      Do you have any special characters in your password? I had the same problem as this, where I couldn't log into the update process, I, too, had to create a new account and new password, this time containing only lowercase letters and numbers. After changing both my username and my password, I got in. I can't say for sure if this is the problem you're having, although it does look like your current username should work. If you can login here, you should be able to change your password, just be sure to use only lowercase letters and numbers, no spaces, periods, colons, etc.. The very first post at the top of the stompbox topics page has a section dealing with this, And I'm not sure what hours they keep at Eventide, but I'm guessing that you may not hear back form them until Monday morning. They have been really good at answering questions in this forum, though, but usually only during working hours M-F.
      Hope this helps, or at least points you in a direction where you can get this issue resolved. From personal experience, I know it's frustrating. I know Eventide is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. After all, this is the first public beta of V3, so there are bound to be bugs. Good luck!!

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      Yeah logging in has been terrible lately.  It seems to not let me log in at night when I am ready to update and play.  Terrible customer service too, never can get anyone on the phone.  Best bet is to login 9-5pm hah

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