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      So, I updated my timefactor from version 1 to the newest one, 2.4. At first everything was fine, the new presets are awesome, everything sounded pretty good.

      Than I tried to dial in my old presets (who were erased), but to my surprise, I couldn't get most of them to work. Now, before I erased I made sure I knew how to recreate the presets, I didn't forget them.  It just doesn't sound the same. So now a few really cool ambient sounds, which I used for several of my bands songs, are gone.

      It's kind of hard to describe it, but one thing I can't do anymore is infinite (or very long) sustain. I had a setting where I played a note, fade it in with the volume pedal and it would just stay there, like a keyboard pad, so I could add more notes on top of it. There's a whole song based on this trick. I just can't do it anymore – I turn the feedback up but instead of the actual note being repeated, it fades out and instead some unmusical wave kind of sound repeats itself.

      Of course, I could erase the update and go back to the factory one, and I might do it. But I also really like some of the presets, and finds it weird that some sounds just can't be reached anymore. So what can I do?

      Is there any particular trick of getting the old sounds? like, if Vintage Delay is now more sensitive, or should I use more feedback than before, or something like that…

      Or, is there any place that lists how to achieve the new presets (like, how to set each knob?), so I could erase it and manually create them? Particularity the 12.2 one, I really like it.

      Or is there any middle upgrade which does include some extra presets but still doesn't change the delay sound?

      Sorry for the rant. Thanks for answering 🙂

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      The parameter changes described in the release notes are what will make presets sound different. In particular the Feedback knobs used to go to 100 but now they go to 110 because users asked for self-oscillation at high feedback. Chances are you can turn the feedback knobs up a little and your presets will sustain like they used to in V1.

      You may also want to tweak the Filter knob, especially in Tape Echo.

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      so does this mean that the factory presets in ver 2.0.3[2] would also sound different after upgrading to the latest update 2.4.2[1]

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