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      First time updating my new Timefactor. I have read the sticky at the top of the page and as far as I can tell none apply to me.

      The software version currently installed is 2.0.3[2]. I am trying to install 2.4.2[1]

      I am running Vista 64 bit.

      When trying to download the update (before installing it) I make it through the login/pass screen and the user agreement, but after the Readme I get this:

      Assertion Failed!

      Program: …EventideUpdate Utilityeventideupdateutility.exe

      File: .httpthread.cpp

      Line: 475

      Expression: !fileName.isEmpty()

      For more information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts.

      (Press Retry to debug the application – JIT must be enabled)

      So yes…I'm confused! I love my Timefactor and can't wait to try the update. Please help me sort this out…thanks!


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      Eventide Staff

      If you have tried everything under READ THIS –
      Problems with Update Utility
      please contact support@eventide.com

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      Fixed thank you. Wrong user name. Thanks for twisting my arm to try the sticky solutions Embarrassed

      One suggestion: When people accidentally enter the wrong user/pass, how about changing the error message to something simple such as "wrong username or password" instead of all that intimidating programming stuff?

      Thanks for your time!


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      Eventide Staff

      There are a number of Update Utility issues related to wrong user names, passwords etc. The fact that it gives you meaningless programmerese is an example of one of these. Apologies – happily you were able to work out the problem in spite of our efforts to confuse you.

      Our massive team of programmers is beavering away to fix these and other as yet undiscovered problems. Once they have made some progress we will feed them again and distribute the results of their work.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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