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      Having greatly appreciated the announcement of the upcoming TimeFactor update I want to suggest additional improvements to be incorporated into this or subsequent updates:

      • Effective Analog Delay mode, think emulating a DMM, maybe modelling these behaviors

        • steep lowpass filtering at least 3-poles or more (no "shelving filter") with some resonance
        • dynamic compander behavior, 10ms attack and release time 2:1 ratio, this actually cuts the "attack" of the repeats and adds a pleasant effect on their tails
        • level indipendent harmonic distortion (like BBD do)

      • Improved modulation options in ModDelay including

        • disabling modulation on B delay
        • modulate equally A and B delay (v3 doesn't)

      • Put delay B signal out of phase (180 degree) in ModDelay

      • Pre-Post connection capabilities as in the H9 Wish List

      Isn't easy to improve the best digital delay on the market…

      What else?


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      +100000000. My DMM is the only thing that my Timefactor can't lick.

      But here's a few more as well –

      * golden ratio delays – this is something I mentioned before that I'm still loving.  Please oh please!!

      * serial rather than parallel option to run the delays into each other on a per patch basis

      * pure pitch modulation option on the delays rather than chorus

      * a pitch shifted delay – like crystals on the Time Line. 

      i love my Timefactor – I just want more!  Man I wish I could program the algorithms myself ….


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      Man, I would love a bucket brigade style analog delay! I feel like the timeline really nails the BB analog sound. I would also love if the analog could achieve more radical oscillation. At 110% feedback, I feel like the oscillation should be able to continue growing in intensity, but in reality, it plateaus before that point. If someone doesn't want that crazy, out of control oscillation, then don't set it at 110% feedback. 

      My favorite analog delay is the Malekko Ekko 600B. It sounds great, like a real vintage analog delay. The oscillation can get crazy intense, and it can get there a LOT faster than any delay on the Timefactor – almost immediately in fact. I'd be willing to let Eventide borrow the pedal if they could make a BB analog style delay with it. 

      I have an Ekko 600B, but board real estate is at a premium. I just can't justify have two delay pedals on my board, especially is one is as big as the Timefactor. I've been a Timefactor owner since it was introduced. I would much prefer to keep the TF, but it simply can't compete with the BBA sound on the Timeline. 

      Also, I think the Strymon El Capistan has some user functionality that the TF doesn't. Granted, it has more knobs available, but I think Eventide could find a clever way to add some of those features. Again, I would have to say that the timeline has an edge on the TF as far as the tape sound. I would also like if the oscillation could get more intense. I've heard tape echoes enter oscillation as soon as they're engaged, which sound awesome in certain hard stops in songs, a la Twin Killer's song here: http://youtu.be/-vPXqv_vGis at around 0:45. I have been unable to get even close to that sound with the Timefactor. 

      Like I said, I like Eventide, and I love the TF. I would love it if the TF would be the only delay I would ever need. I also have an H9, so I have access to Crystals and other delay type effects like that, but these two suggestions are really only improvements to two of the algorithms already present in the TF. I sincerely hope you genuinely consider my suggestions. The TF is so close to being the perfect, all-encompassing delay pedal. It's just a hair away….

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