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      Hey all, I just got the TF and love it, except for the bank switching.  I ended up getting an aux switch from T1M, and that makes things much nicer.

      My switches are now [a/bypass] – – [bank up] // [bank down] – [tap] – [repeat]

      ANYWAY, when watching a video about the Space pedal, I noticed the bank/patch switching method has changed.  Per this video (starts talking/showing at 4:15), you now have single presets (no more bank, one and two), with the foot switches being [select/bypass][patch down][patch up].


      The interviewer asks Allen about having this method of switching offered in an update for the other eventides (@ 5:02). Allen says, "Well, we're gonna wait and see how people react to it, cause there are a lot of other people who are definitely used to the bank mode on the others."  He goes on to talk about achieving bank mode on the Space pedal by hooking it up via midi to another xFactor pedal, and then finishes his talk about the Space pedal, saying "This is pretty much as simple as it gets for calling up presets; up, down and select, so we're pretty excited about that."

      Allen gives hope that peoples "reaction" to the new switching method will determine it's potential application across the other xFactor pedals.  I say we give him some reaction!  OR at least make it an option accessible in the "utilities" mode.  We could choose between "bank" or "preset" mode, giving the user the choice.

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      I noticed that as well when I watched that video. First off, Eventide, thanks for trying new things and listening to your customers.

      Now is this option on Space any better than what is employed in the MF for instance? I dunno. Seems like there could potentially be alot of banking up and down to get to one preset whereas now you can have two of them grouped together. Two grouped together can be valuable during a live setting. 

      Ultimately, if Eventide refreshes the product at some point, maybe they will consider adding a bank down button to the unit. Or, maybe design their own aux pedal. The Digitech works fine and it has an angled front, but with the stereo jack in the back of the unit, you can't sit it right in front of the MF or TF.

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      OR at least make it an option accessible in the "utilities" mode.  We could choose between "bank" or "preset" mode, giving the user the choice.

      That would be a very very nice option!


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      +1 on having the option available in the utilities.

      As for more specific feedback, I'll wait until I can spend some time with Space and see what I think then.

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      I agree.  I have mentioned to the people at Eventide, who have been super helpful and responsive, that a preset switching option would be great.   I am running into issues where I need to be able to switch between 3-5 presets over the course of a single song and sometimes I need to be able to switch on a dime.  For the first 2 settings this is not a problem.  but when switching to that 3rd preset I need to hit bank and select.  Seems like it would be great to be able to to just scroll up or down.  It seems like they have been really responsive with the V3 update so let's hope that they continue to tweak in beta.

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      +1 on having that option on the utilities too.

      Pairing the presets in bank is not super useful to me. Scrolling through useful effects would be much better. And getting to choose would be even better.

      Plus if we can do bank up and down, and effect on and off with the pedal switches, the aux switches are left for the cool features of the play mode : tap tempo, repeat, and let's say changing some settings with the push of one switch for a crazy effect. That would definately add some usability for me 🙂

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