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      hey guys !

      I got it second hand,it had firmware 3.0.0

      I connected it to my PC (usb) to upgrade it,I installed all the necessary software on my PC,at first the pedal d couldn't be recognized and after I connected/disconnected the usb cable on my PC a few times it got recognized and I upgraded it successfully.

      Disconnected the usb and started working on it for a week or so,meanwhile I got a the Space pedal too! Later I thought it would be cool to save my presets on the PC instead on the pedal and start creating a library and so I connected a usb cable with the pedal but no luck,the PC (WIN7) recognized an UNKNOWN device,I changed lots of  usb cables ,usb ports ,different computers ,3 in total PC,nothing.At the same time  I have the Space pedal working with usb fine,the H9 software connects to Space immediately.

      Lately I have another strange issue,when I turn on the Timefactor Pedal I get the message "UNPLUG USB" ,the Active led stays off and the pedal does NOT work and the screen shows the selected algorithm ,the strange thing is that I get this message while I don't have any usb cable connected to the pedal !!!!

      So I have to turn off the pedal,connect a usb cable to the pedal and then all works good,but still the pedal is not recognized by my PC.

      anyone else experienced something similar ?

      any advice ?suggestion…????

      thank you.

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      I guess this must be a very strange case….. 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – this is a known but rare problem. It will have to come home to be fixed – hopefully you are still under warranty. You should contact support@eventide.com


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      I have the same problem reported in the post above. There is already a solution?

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      Same problem with my MODFACTOR.. Power up get UPLUG USB, when there is no USB in the unit and effects don’t work.


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