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      Let me say that I have installed the beta and really like the direction that you guys are headed and I wanted to say thank you for listening to your customers and making steps on improving the timefactor to make it even better then it already is. Below are a few suggestions and observations that I have noticed w/the updates. Thanks for taking the time to read and to listen. Smile

      1. Tape delayBeing an owner of tape delay/s units I am very cautious of "digital" tape delays but I have to admit that the timefactor gets pretty close. The new updates remind me of an analog tape delay with the drive & compression that gets added. My question to eventide and the software engineers is what tape delay are you trying to emulate? I have to say that my top 2 would be the maestro ep-2 & the roland space echo RE-201. With that being said I would love to be able to get closer to those tape units. Suggestions(1) I would keep the saturation knob the way you have it, (2) It would great to be able to choose between the 2 different tape delays (maybe holding down the middle footswitch to choose?)  witha that option if you added it (re-201) being able to turn a combination of heads on and off (3) I think that the filter should be able to sweep bewteen -100 to 100. Some tape delays seem to filter out the bass instead off adding it as the repeats go on and it would be nice to have that option.
      2. Modulation increase-I like what you have done to the mod. Suggestions-(1) it should be made available to to the mod delay as well. (2) Increase the speed; I believe people are looking to get as close as possible to the Deluxe memory man while the vibrato switch is engaged other option being like the above tape mode suggestions holding down the middle footswitch to choose between vibrato and modulation (3) I have to say that I am not a huge fan on the bits option with the x knob. I find it (for me) that option rather useless. It would be great for that to be able to switch between old vintage delays (digital) and vintage analog (i.e. Deluxe Memory man). I really think that people (as well as myself) are looking to get the bucket bridgade chip sound out of the vintage mode.
      3. Output Level-very nice update overall not much to say (i'm sure your shocked). Suggestions-(1) Please make this a global option as well.
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      +1 on having TapeDelay Filter go from -100 to 100, filtering either top end (as it does now) or bottom end. Great idea!!

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