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      I am currently a Weekly Performing Musician. About to become a full time Touring musician if things pan out after our record is done in the next couple of weeks. 

      I have a issue with my Timefactor. I use my TF about 70% of our set and it sounds amazing and does what I need it to do. But one issue I have is that ever since I had the device it has had a problem with the volume being too low. The effect is ran through my Voodoo Labs GCX switcher in the Effects loop of my Amp all housed in a Rack unit. With a midi cable plugged in to change presets on the fly. With a Orange Rockerverb 50 MK1.

      I had updated the firmware on the device thinking it would fix it. But the update now allows me to up the decibels on the presets. Which was okay at the time because of the way I had things wired in my Rack. Which was, the TF unit was powered by the Eventide Power Supply. had the switches set to LINE and LINE and the DB on the preset were at +5. Which I thought was crazy just to get it back up to the same leval as without the pedal.

      Did all the troubleshooting I could think of. Tested: just straight in the effects loop (no GCX), In front of the amp, Different loops withing the GCX, Different cables, and different amps (Marshall JCM 2000 DSL). All yielded the same results. So I just left it and played the shows.

      Well this is the crazy part. I have rewired my rig. Bought a bigger case added new effects, another Voodoo Labs pedal power plus and a wireless unit. Now the unit is powered by the VL PS instead of the ET wall wart. 

      After I powered up the whole rack unit for the first time, my TF was BLAZING loud. (because it was set to LINE and LINE and +5 of boost).

      I adjusted according to taste. After a little bit of playing and switching Preset it drops volume again. Currently it is set to GUITAR and GUITAR with +1 db boost when it is working right. But after it plays for a while it just drops again and I have to move it to LINE and LINE and +1 db Boost and Turn on my SUPER HARD ON pedal. 

      Is there something wrong with this unit?  Or has anyone heard about this happening before? Could use some help.
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      Never had it happen to mine… Yours may be faulty.

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      Eventide Staff

      I could be entirely wrong here, but it's possible you are confusing yourself. I would suggest that you  first "Restore Factory System Settings" (see UM).

      Then, set the Levels switches to the same positions and keep them there (preferably Guitar, only Line if this distorts).

      At this point, the output level should be much the same as the input level. Confirm this by seeing if the level changes much when in RELAY bypass.

      Then leave the level settings alone and see what happens.

      It is unlikely for the TF to change its levels spontaneously – consider that the problem could be caused by other equipment. If you still have the problem, try Guitar -> TF -> amp and see what happens.

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