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      Within the last week or so when engaging the effects loop on my MB MKV, the volume with the TimeFactor jumps and is excessively loud. I have the send volume of the effects loop turned all the way down. I don't know of a volume output setting on the TF.

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      Yes if you are running V3.  Hold down the left foot switch button while lit for 2 seconds.  The display will show the output value.   Turn the encoder knob to change output value in db.

      Hope that helps,


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      Thanks for the info on output value. Is this output value just for the current preset, or is it global?

      When the new FactorLib software comes out in January, and I get it to work, I'll upgrade to version 3 of the operating system.

      It turns out that while moving and setting up, the In Lvl guitar/line switch got bumped to guitar. Setting it back to line returned the volume to normal.

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      Per preset.  you have to do a save for the new output setting to hold.  Also I sort of explained the process a little wrong.  Here is the correct way:

      Output Level Control

      Factor Pedals now gives you the ability to individually adjust each Preset’s Output Level.

      In PLAY Mode, holding down the Left Footswitch for 2 seconds from Bypass state puts the unit into Active and also puts the unit into Preset O/P Level Adjust Mode. While the 
      footswitch is pressed and held the display will show “OP 0dB” (default). While continuing to hold the footswitch down you can optionally turn the Encoder Knob to adjust Preset Output Level from –20dB to +6dB in 1dB increments. Preset must be saved or this adjustment will be lost when another Preset is loaded. (Preset Level Adjust Mode functions the same way in BANK Mode by pressing and holding the Left or Middle Footswitch from Bypass state.)

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      Just an additional note:  

      Whichever preset you are wanting to adjust, 1 or 2 in the selected bank, you will be using the footswitch that activates that particular  preset.  For instance, if you are in bank 3 you will hold down the left footswitch to activate and adjust the output level as described above for preset 3:1.  To adjust the output level for 3:2, you will use the middle footswitch.  Just wanted to clarifyWink

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