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      I have searched the forums but have not encountered this particular issue. I have already sent an email to support, but that might take a couple days. I am prepping for a project andI want to suss out as much as I can quickly.

      So I want to update my Timefactor, but I can not get it to go into Update Mode. Holding the middle button down while powering up does nothing different from not holding it down during power up.The button seems to work fine during normal use, so I know it is connected at least for general functionality.

      I have OSV 5.2 installed. I have had this box for a long time and am certain I have updated it a few times with no issue.

      My TAP tempo switch did need to be replaced about 9 years ago or so? Not the center Repeat switch.

      So to get into UPDATE Mode, given my situation, is there any way to force it by reinitializing using a different button combo on powerup? 

      Have I missed other posts about this issue? Please direct me if so.

      I am using Windows 10 and have USB or MIDI connectivity handy, but so far those are moot given that the box will not boot to UPDATE no matter what I have tried.


      Thanks in advance, yo.

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      Eventide Staff

      First of all, NEVER update (this or any other) unit just before an important project.

      If the center switch is good, it would suggest that your software has been corrupted. Given the age of the unit, things may have happened.

      I would recommend that you leave it as is, but otherwise, you should send it in for service.


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      Thanks for the reply Nick. I agree with your advice for sure. I have redundancy in the form of other delay pedals, rack stuff like an Axe FX 2 XL+, and plugins of all sorts, so I am not concerned about being unable to perform so much as I am keen to fnd creative inspiration by way of the ol’ Timefactor. It has a thing that goes beyond the specs and algorithm names. I can’t put it into words. If you know what I mean and can put it into words, please advise.  wink

      Support did reply and asked about the switch, so i did some more tests and determined the switch is intermittent at best, and by the time I had goofed around in loop mode for 5 minutes, it had basically totally failed. Interesting to note, that one switch was very rarely used at all. The original TAP switch did not last very long either (tho I tap way more than might be expected). Perhaps some of those early ones had a run of faulty switches and I just got unlucky there. I ordered a couple spares and should be in business next week.

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