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      I have upgraded my timefactor with the beta version and it's awesome!! thanks eventide!

        I have added a boss FS-5U as an "aux switch" for tap the tempo and I have an issue : it sets the tempo perfectly but it also turns "RPT" on and off everytime I step on it!!!

      Does anyone know how to fix this issue ?? It seems to have assigned T+R to tap…


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      Eventide Staff

      It is possible to assign multiple things to a given aux switch or MIDI controller. This gives versatility, but can cause confusion, as now.

      Look through all the AUX switch options, and you will probably find more than one thing assigned  to your switch. The solution will be apparent.

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      Thanks it's works now, RPT was assigned to ring and that's why it was engaging at the same time as the tap tempo.

      Thanks a lot for your fast and very helpful answer.

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