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      I bought a used timefactor. I know before I get beat up that this wasn’t the best idea, but I got videos of it working and recent soundclips, etc. I have it now and got it on my board and plugged in the factory wall wart and I have nothing. No power, no lights, nothing. I have the box but no manual. Is there a specific way to turn this thing on that I don’t know about? If not is there anything I can do about this unit since it is used? I really can’t afford to take a loss on this unit. Has anyone else had this problem and is there anything that I can do to fix it? Or is there an on switch somewhere I haven’t flipped and am an idiot? Thanks

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      No, there's no one switch that you're missing.  You simply plug it in and it should turn on.  

      Did the buyer give you power supply that the TimeFactor comes with?  If you're lucky, it might not be turning on just b/c it's not being powered correctly…  If that's not it, I guess you'll need to talk to the seller…

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