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       In the paralles effects loop of a Marshall JVM205H I'm having the following issue:

      Marshall sounds fine without loop and also sounds fine when loop is engaged and one of the TIme Factor's presets are active. Howev, with the loop engaged and the time factor on bypass the sound goes really think and maybe a bit lower in volume.

       I'm using the unit at line level with a +4 from the amp (compared to the -10db option)

      and the TF is set to bypass that allows delays to spill over. 

       Is there something in the TF settings that needs to be changed so this tone kill doesn't happen when it's bypassed? 

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      If you're using TimeFactor in a parallel effects loop you might want to turn KILLDRY ON. This is located in System Mode under the BYPASS menu. KILLDRY lets only the wet signal through to TimeFactor's outputs, and mutes the signal when TimeFactor is in Bypass. This is good for a parallel effects loop because when in Bypass you don't want to mix your dry tone with dry sound coming out of TimeFactor. Try it and see if it fixes your issue.


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