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      Does anyone know if it’s possible to program the H90 to toggle between effects A&B with just one foot switch?  obviously i could step on two switches at once, simultaneously turning one on, and the other off, but that can be clumsy…at least for me.

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      I’m assuming you want to control Preset A and Preset B bypass states within the same Program. For this to work, you’ll have to use an external aux switch and store the Program with one preset active and the other in a bypassed state. Then in Global – Pedal Control, map “A act/byp” and “B act/byp” to the same aux switch. With one press of this aux switch, you can seemingly toggle active states for both presets.

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      You can also set up a hotswitch to do that.  Start with output gain of A at 0, output gain of B at -60, then program the hotswitch to pull A to -60, and push B to 0.  Haven’t actually done it, so don’t know if there’s any lag, but it’s possible.

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