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      In conjunction with a new pedalboard build I am considering selling my H9 as I plan to purchase the 3 high end Strymon units.

      I have bought several Algos. If I sell the H9 can I transfer these algos with the pedal simply by giving the account details to the new owner?

      He can then change the account details to his own e mail and address,

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      Yes, this will work. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. One, you'll want to deregister any other Eventide products from your Eventide account and re-register them to another account. Two, if you've been buying algorithms through Apple's iTunes, if you change your mind in the future and decide to buy an H9 again, then you won't be able to buy any algorithms that you bought already with your current Apple account, because Apple won't let you buy the same algorithm twice. So, you'll have to set up either a new Apple account or buy things through Amazon instead.

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      OK..No probs. Thanks for the info.

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      Hi, sorry to bother,

      I’m resuming this thread because I’ve a similar problem. I’ve recently sold one of my H9 and since i got another eventide account I’d like to give this one to the buyer, in the same way described by bucketbot, so he can have the SpaceTime algorithm that I got with my coupon. My question is this: in this account I’ve also registered the 2016 plugin that i got with Focusrite and the Ilok account. Is it possible to transfer that plugin and the Ilok to another account?

      Furthermore, I’m not sure if my apple account is connected to this eventide account, since the SpaceTime hasn’t been purchased and anyway not from the IOS app, but from the PC. Is there any way to be sure of this?

      Thanks a lot for your time (and sorry for my English)

Viewing 3 reply threads
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