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      I’m sure I’ve spaced out the easy answer, but here’s my dilemma: I’d like the Preset Range on the H9 pedal to automatically match the number of Presets I’m transferring to it via the H9 Control app.

      For example, if I have 31 presets in a Preset List in H9 Control (“Preset Lists” view), and I click “Save To Pedal”, I’d like the pedal to be scrollable through Presets 1-31 and then back to Preset 1. Then, if I delete a preset in H9 Control and now have a Preset List of 30 presets and click “Save To Pedal,” I’d like the pedal to scroll from 1-30 and then back to 1.

      I’m pretty sure there was a time that H9 Control asked me with a dialog box each time I clicked “Save To Pedal” to see if I wanted the Preset Range on the pedal to match the number of presets in the Preset List, but it doesn’t anymore (maybe I accidentally clicked a “Don’t remind me each time”-type of box?). So, now I have to go into Pedal Settings>General Settings>Preset Range each time I “Save To Pedal” to make sure I’ve got the right number of preset slots set.

      Can anyone help me straighten this out?


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      I believe I went through this same problem some time ago.  I believe I solved it by going into pedal settings and selecting restore default settings (the default setting asked about size every time).  Something like that.  I recall it was not hard.Best of luck!

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