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      I am running into a wierd thing.. I can’t figure out whats the deal


      Maybe its a bug?

      Maybe its normal?

      Maybe its my setup?


      Anyway it is this:


      Choose Tremoloverb. I used the “tremoloverb” preset in the “tremoloverb” algo to get there.. but I have reproduced it on a few prestets in that Algo.

      Set it to BPM Tempo mode.


      Now.. set the PREDELAY to something. I want 1/8.

      Then Hold down the Hotswitch to make it blink. Drag the PREDELAY to zero. Press the Hotswitch again. 

      What I expect is for the hotswitch to toggle values. OFF to 1/8 to OFF to 1/8.

      BUT when I toggle…  Mine start piling up. 1/8–>NONE–>1/4t->NONE–>1/4->NONE–>1/2t->NONE–>7/16->NONE–>etc etc until it gets to the top.

      I do NOT observe this behavior with tempo OFF.. it just toggles, Like I would expect.


      Can I fix this? I want predelay OFF during verses.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi camn, 

      Sounds like a bug to me.  I remember there being bugs in the H9 Control Tremoloverb at one point that we fixed.  Are you on the latest version? Also is this iOS, MacOS, Windows?  

      FWIW, in a quick test on MacOS, I can't duplicate it using the latest H9 Control in demo mode (not connected to an H9). 

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      Its on the PC version.. and I CAN reproduce it in demo mode.


      BUT- I just checked in IoS- and it doesn’t happen there. 

      So I assume it isnt actually happening in real life while performing- so we are good, and there is no problem!



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