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      I bought the Tricerachorus plugin this morning and it is making strange percussive sounds when I play my guitar through it, all the presets have it.

      Tried both the VST3 and VST2, both are the same.  I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, tried 3 different DAWs and AMP sims with no difference.

      Setup as follows:

      • BiasFX2 with basic compression, eq, amp and cabinet, the signal is pristine clean with no clipping.

      • Studio One 5 Artist, the problem also exists using Bandlab Sonar and Mulab.

      • Windows 10 Home version 19042.985 16Gb Ram and Samsung Evo SSD, Realktek onboard sound.

      • ASIO4All v2 drivers (medium sample rate), however the problem also present using Windows Audio drivers.

      • Guitar interface is an iRig HD which I have used without issue for years, my guitar is a Pacifica with passive pickups.

      Anyone any ideas or other troubleshooting I could try?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi sorry for your issue. 

      Since you've already submitted this issue to a support ticket has been created and you will be responded to there shortly. 



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