Tried to buy ultrareverb but amazon says “The transaction has been flagged for manual investigation”

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      The subject pretty much says it all. I do have an account with Amazon, but I used that only once, years ago. Amazon probably flagged it because the account hasn't been used for years.

      The actual message that Amazon returned in the browser was:


      UltraReverb Plugin

      Eventide has cancelled the transaction, because Amazon could not immediately process your payment. Amazon returned the following information regarding why the payment could not be immediately processed before it was cancelled: 

      The transaction has been flagged for manual investigation.


      Sadly, Amazon is the only payment option for buying Ultrareverb, so it seems I'm stuck now,  and I can't even check if any payment has been withdrawn from my credit card yet. 

      Now, what should I do? 

      thansk and regards, Peter van Rees

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      Hi Peter,

      I looked up your transaction, and it was marked as cancelled.  So, no, you shouldn't be charged for it.

      Usually, when Amazon can't process a payment, it's because the customer's bank has refused to authorize the transaction.  But occasionally, Amazon flags transactions themselves, and based on the error message you got, it sounds like that is what happened. If you want to write Amazon to ask them about why the transaction couldn't be processed, the email address of their Amazon Payments support team is

      It may just be easier for you to buy the plugin from one of our dealers though that accepts paypal or another payment method. There are a lot of online dealers that sell our products, and if you already have a favorite, you should check whether they can sell you UltraReverb and process the order instantly electronically. Otherwise, this thread mentions a few dealers that do:

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      Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I bought it at sweetwater. 

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