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      Hi, just got a Max, and it’s fantastic. I’m assigning a 3-button switch to control it, and I want one switch to trigger the HotSwitch. My question is this: in the aux switch mapping page of the H9 control app, there are two options:

      Set expressions pedal (aka HotKnob value)


      Performance Switch

      Are these functionally identical? That is, will choosing either one activate the middle switch on all patches that use the HotSwitch/Performance/Flex? If not, what are the differences?


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      They’re not identical.  Performance Switch will ‘flex’ on all presets, according to the fixed function (& trigger ‘rules’) in that particular algorithm or group.  Set expression pedal (AKA HotKnob) can be a superset over any parameter combination in that algorithm.  It’s a very powerful feature; one that I use all of the time.

      Effectively, OFF is equivalent to the Heel position, and ON corresponds to full Toe on an expression pedal. Instant switching between the two extreme (sets of) values.  So, anything that’s been mapped to expression pedal control can be saved (per preset), and remains switchable externally.  Two-presets-in-one (HotSwitch-like); instant stabs of effect; pre-record looping mixes; rhythm / lead shifts; preset ‘morphing’; etc.

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      Got it! Thanks. That sounds very powerful. Ideally, then, I’d use two of my three external aux switches to cover both these functions, although if I do that it would seem better to use a two-switch and an expression pedal. I shall also experiment with seeing what happens when I assign both to the same switch.

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