Triple H9 units VS Dual H9s and a TimeFactor – HELP me decide!!

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      I currently have 2 H9 units and a Timefactor. I use the TF for delay, one H9 mostly for Verb at the end of the pedal chain, and the other H9 for Modulation, verb, wah, verb before delay, weird stuff, etc. All presets controlled with a DMC-6D midi controller. I have 3 expression controllers.

      Pedal chain for my eventide section:
      H9(misc use) – Timefactor (delays) – H9 (mostly revers)

      Should I go to three H9 units for ultimate flexibility or is it worth keeping my Timefactor delay for the ease of tweaking real knobs. I do like the extra knobs I have on the TF for live tweaking.

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      I also have 2 x h9 and TF.  I would keep the TF.  For some reason the same delay presets sound slighlty better on the TF than when played on the H9.  Try comparing the same presets using modulation.  There is a slight differnce in the EQ on the H9 it is close but I have not been able to get U2 presets to sound 100% same.  Try this one on both:





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      I have 4 H9’s, and use them in a similar way most of the time:
      first: pitch stuff
      second: modulations
      third: delays
      Forth: revebs
      the H9 specific algorithms fit is different places depending on how I’m using them. Sometimes, changing things up with respect to the above ‘cardinal order’ creates some super weird stuff! love it!

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