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      Good Morning, i'm Simone from Italy… First of all excuse me for my bad english!

      I have trouble with modfactor program change 

      -> I connect (by midi cable) my midi program change pedalboard (Vintek TB10) to a modfactor.

      The modfactor outpug goes in to my new timefactor,

      -> If modfactor midi output is set on THRU, program change works good : for example If i press preset 2 on my midi pedalboard modfactor goes on preset 1:2 and also timefactor changes in the same preset number. In this way the modfactor clock setting are not trasmitted (and this is correct because output is thru).

      -> But I need to transmit the clock stored or tapped on modfactor to timefactor so i set the modfactor midi output XMT… and here comes my trouble:

          – modfactor recive program change send from midi pedalboard

          – timefactor recive clock changes from modfactor

          – timefactor don't recive program change send from midi pedalboard (…timefactor recive program change only if program change is setting pressing the modfactor's button but this function isn't good for my setup)


      There is a way to correct this problem or is possible to set the modfactor output XMT+THRU?

      I hope my exposition is clear and you can understand my trouble

      Tank you very much, i hope in your kind answer 

      Best Regards

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      Eventide Staff

      The Factor pedals must be in either XMT or THRU. You can do what you want by using a "MIDI Merge" box from a company like Midi Solutions.

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      Hi Nick

      I have a similar problem to Simone, but am also trying to transmit CC as well as Program Changes and clock TAP etc..

      Can you give a clear example of how the MIDI merge box would work? (i.e. which pedal goes into what box what with which settings – XMT, THRU etc.)?

      That'd be very helpful for MIDI-novices such as this one here.

      Many thanks!


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Lu,

      Check out the following link, which should help.


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      Many thanks for that Link!

      …and full respect to BMF for the diagrams showing how to use MIDI split/merge devices Yes


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      Many thanks to those who helped me… I don't use "midi" a lot and I did not know all these possibilities.

      I've always considered Eventide as THE LEADER …. nothing sound as Eventide… So now, sincerly, I'm shocked Tongue Tied … I can't belive that function can't do inside the stompbox's software

      The external midi connection takes a lot of space in pedalboard and a lot of money

      How much is a stompbox software update that enable Thru+xmt? If it's possible a prefer pay an update rather do lot of external connection


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – most stompboxes don't have MIDI at all, and I'm certainly not aware of one that has a merge feature (100 people will now prove me wrong).

      We think about adding this to a future update, but it may not be possible. At any rate we have nothing available at the present time.

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      Hi Simone,

      I will soon have a <midisport 2×2> box and will tell you about my progress.
      Agreed, a MERGE feature would be useful but at least we have a solution now
      For gigging I have anyway decided that the TRS "Aux SW" switches are very reliable – so I keep them
      Then to have deeper MIDI control – well, vedremo come va…


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      Did you get the MIDISport yet?  I am wondering about supplying power to it since it says it is powered by USB.  

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      Hi Steve,

      Yes it works and yes it needs USB. 

      I attached the pedals just as badmelonfarmer suggested. Followed the instructions 🙂

      I now use my little Digitech 3-button pedal for AUX SW functions going out on CC and I use the main Space switches for banking up and down i.e. < ACT, BK+ and BK- > because a Space already has BK+ and BK-). The MIDI controller also works so that means CC access into the nether reaches…

      Thanks again to Jerome and BMF for all their help!


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      Maybe this is a silly question where do you get USB power on your pedal board?  Or are you using this with a computer set up instead of a live pedalboard?  

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      Live pedalboard no computer.

      I found a second-hand USB charger in my local market – the shape of a UK mains plug with a USB output (made possibly by / for Mac?) I think one gets these for iPhones etc. with the usual Mac international plug adapter ends, and I like it because it has a very small footprint.

      That begs the question "what if it goes down"? So I am training myself to understand how to dig into the Clock-Factor and reset it so it works with just the triple AUXsw. There be some weirdnesses otherwise…

      How are you planning to set up the CC's?


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      Or course!  That makes sense for a USB charger.  

      I have not thought as far as CC yet.  That will need some reading and trial and error.  I just want to play with Expression and Tap Tempo over all 4 pedals.  Although it's not realistic to change all pedals at the same time with Expression pedal.  But fun to play with.  

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      Participant my case way more error than trial Wink

      As for what you say about the expression pedal I have noticed a parameter in the SYSTEM menu "MIDI > RCV CTL" which allows you to set PEDAL to a CC" – have you tried that yet? 

      It suggests to me that you could set up that PEDAL parameter to different CC numbers on each pedal and then try out the MIDI controller expression pedal to those CCs and see if you can access one or more stompbox's knob parameters *as if* there were an expression pedal attached.

      Well, that's optimism for you. Good luck let me know how it goes


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