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      So I’m having trouble when I save my presets from my iPad to my H9.  Usually, when I saved a preset list to my pedal, it would save just the presets in that list and limit the list to that number of presets.  Currently, since updating a little while back, it will save the certain number of presets, but keep the rest of the other 99 presets saved to the pedal.  This isn’t working so well for me, since I like to save a preset list for an upcoming set list so I can save tempos and specific settings for that gig and only scroll through those.  Now, I have to scroll through all 99 before I get back to the beginning of the list.  What changed in the most recent update?  I remember it used to ask me if I’d prefer to save just that preset list to the pedal and limit the number of presets to that preset list.  I can no longer find that option in the pedal.  What am I missing?  I’d prefer to just scroll through the 4-5 presets for a gig, rather than fiddling around with the other 99.

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      Well, in H9 Control, you can always go to Pedal / General Settings / Preset Range and set the active range of presets there.  We'll have to check to see if the preset list isn't asking to change the range anymore.  

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      Thanks, I guess I can manually change the preset list range each time, but it used to prompt me when saving a list to the pedal and do it automatically.  It doesn’t appear to be doing that anymore.  Am I going crazy, or remembering things that didn’t actually happen? 

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      Any luck with this? A bit back mine also stopped saving to my pedal correctly.

      I’ve been trying to search for a solution but am not finding one.

      For instance:

      There are 99 presets currently on my pedal.

      I select a preset list which has 49 total.

      The preset range is set 1-49.

      I click save to pedal which is does…and those 49 are there, but presets 50-99 of the previous list remain.

      (Using most recent updates on pedal and H9 on a Win 10 machine)

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        EBatzel wrote:

        Any luck with this? A bit back mine also stopped saving to my pedal correctly.

        I've been trying to search for a solution but am not finding one.

        I've been trying to reproduce this problem, but so far I haven't been able to.  Could you try resetting your H9s system settings to see if that helps?  You do this by turning it off and then turning it on again with the right footswitch and the HotKnob switch pressed (the switch in the upper left hand corner of the H9).  This will reset your H9s system settings but won't affect your presets.  Please let me know if this doesn't help and I'll keep trying to reproduce the problem.

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      I think the solution for the problem is this.

      Go in H9 Control for iPad to:

      Settings > Reset settings > Reset Warning Dialogs

      I think you accidently turned that dialog of, and by resetten all dialogs you get it back again. Hope it helps.

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      I just had this problem , and the answer above fixed it Settings > Reset settings > Reset Warning Dialogs .

      I turned off the warning hoping that it would automatically update the preset range with the list , but it does the opposite . Why would anyone want that ? weird . 

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