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      Can anyone here suggest what settings for me to use to simulate a 12 string?  Im still new at using the pedal and I realize that there are thousands of ways to do it with this pedal but if somepne could recommend something quick and easy that would be helpful …. Thanks 🙂  Texas58 Dragonfly

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      Have you tried Factory Preset 16:1 "Elec12String Room" ?

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      I am interested in simulating a 12 string, I do not own the pitchfactor, however, if I can get a convincing 12 string, it would seal the deal.

      Is there any way to address the unison strings and replicate more exactly?


      Thanks for any links you have to a samples

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      Using the PitchFactor alone, you won’t be able to have unison doubling on the high E and B strings, with octave doubling on the lower four strings.  What you can get is more of a Digitech Mosaic simulation effect.  I can’t seem to copy/paste a link yet in this new forum format, but you can use the forum search [12-String effect for H9] for a similar topic with a preset example.

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      That is absolutely correct – the strings are tuned differently.  I use a 12 string for recording – BUT – I dial up the stock 12 string patch live, and with the interplay of all that goes on with sound in a live environment, it does the trick in many cases.   

      That said,  I am not plugged into million dollar live sound rigs that can really distribute the signal effectively.  I get whatever has been subcontracted and thats good for me.

      Best regareds

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      Good point about the 12 string realism in context.  For that matter, it’s easy enough to produce the overall impression of a 12 string, then add characteristics of instruments not found outside the digital domain [18-string; 30-string; alien 12-strings, etc.]

      I’ve had some moderate success with signal splits for 12 string tunings.  Octaves on the lower 4 strings; micro-delays for the upper two; crossover EQs at the split point.  The filters shouldn’t be as ‘brickwall’ as one might expect.  There’s so much overlap between the harmonics, and close proximity of the fundamental frequencies.  But still – the emphasis on octaves & unisons can be blended rather convincingly.

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      Thanks for the feedback…

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      This thread started me wondering why Eventide does not have an algorithm that would include a high pass and low pass fillter to select what frequences are effected in what way. i understand how this atill would not get a more realistic 12 string but I think it could be extremly useful anyway. 

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