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      I have connected a aux switch to Exp/Ctl 1 for turning the tuner on as I don’t like to step on two switches at the same time.

      but I don’t know how to assign the tuner to the aux switch.

      If there’s anyone who know, please let me know.


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      Press “programs and routing” and hold it for like 2 seconds and system menu will show up

      Make sure global is highlighted and use the “select” turning knob and turn until you’re on the screen that shows global – pedal ctl

      Turn parameter until you see “tuner”

      turn ctl source and set it with the appropriate sw 1, sw 2 etc.. which ever one your aux switch is in.

      However if you haven’t, it made be good idea to go to system again and I/O section and use “select” knob and scroll until you see exp & aux and set up your exp or aux stuff there and calibrate if needed.

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        I really appreciate your reply

        To use EXP/CTL 1 as SW1, do I have to assign it to SW1 also? if then, would you please let me know how to do that also?

        I know H90’s interction is much easier than H9, but it is still difficult for me to use.

        Thank you again


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