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      I use the flanging effect that Italo gave me, and it is at the very end of my chain, with 100% wet. However, with a high sustain tone (compression + saturated gtr preamp), the flanger's swoosh is very loud on the noise itself. I don't mind when I'm playing loud, but when I sustain a single note and the volume gets lower, the compressor kicks in (or releases and increases the gain and the noise), and the noise of the flanger gets magnified. I know this is a normal behavior of compressors.
      I was wondering about the following solution: Is there a way that I could progressively eliminate the flanger (i.e. dry wet going from 100% to 0%) as the signal level gets lower and lower? I would use the same trigger as the compressor, so it's like ducking the FX if you know what I mean.
      Not sure how to do that?

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       that wasn't a flanger really. Anyway,you should not place it at the end of the FX chain. Try moving it to another position. The FX is definitely more for clean sounds…..actually.

      You can study ducking in the TC2290 preset….should be in the Vintage Gear bank.


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