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      After some hazardous handling I choose to restore the factory settings of my fabulous Eventide Space, and then the pedal transforms into a Christmas Tree !

      All the leds blink, everything twinkle, it is beautiful but it can't be stopped !

      I shut down and start again, but it is never-ending.

      I will be eternally grateful to the one who could make it stop.

      Thank You in advance and sorry for my broken english.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like Christmas came to early this year.  My first suggestion would be to return the unit to factory settings, as described on p.47 of the UM. If this is what you already did, or it doesn't work, you should contact – your "hazardous handling" may have damaged something.

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      Thank You Nickrose,

      I have decided to take a walk in the park with my two daughters and when I returned and re-plug the pedalboard, everything was fine ; must be the Strymon fairies who did their job or the Santa Claus dwarves !

Viewing 2 reply threads
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