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      This is a neat trick I experimented with to use one 'factor as a mixer for another. The benefit is being able use a 2nd factor in parallel to avoid any patch change dropouts on the 2nd 'factor.  It also bypasses the 2nd A/D-D/A conversion of the dry signal while retaining the DSP+FX bypass trails.  And you don't need to buy a mixer for your board.

      The constraints are that both factors must be used as if they were only mono, and the 2nd factor must be used in a manner in which killdry will work for you.

      In my case, the first factor is a TF.  It is running in series.  The 2nd Factor is a PF. All the patches I use on the PF will work fine in killdry mode.  This PF will be reconnected to run in parallel.

      My  timefactor is always on.  I control all delay levels with a footcontroller. I never change TF presets, so I never have dropout issues on the TF.  I also had a pitchfactor before the timefactor in series. The PF  had many presets, for harmonizing in different keys, or using crystals, or harmodulator, etc.  With this setup there were dropouts as I would load different  PF algorithms during songs. 

      To fix this issue, I ran a Y cord from the effects loop send of the amp to the Left in on both the PF and the TF.  Then I set the PF to killdry, and ran it's output into the Right input of the TF.  The TF inputs sums the dry signal from the amp and the pitch shifted only killdry signal from the PF, and then adds it's TF delay to both.  I then ran a mono out from the TF to the amps serial efx return.  As long as I keep the TF A/B blend to 10:10, and set the A and B delays the same, it is essentially running a mono setup with the TF in series and the PF in parallel with killdry.  There were no dropouts on the PF when changing presets.

      Any comments please post.  Hope this is useful to someone.

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      very cool.  I''m thinking of ways I could use that.

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      Very cool. I'm thinking of ways I could use that patching.

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