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      I have 2 H9s, one that I bought as a normal unit then converted it to a Max and another that came out of the box as a Max. I’m curious about a difference I see when I connect them to my iPad over Bluetooth. The one which came out of the box as a Max, when connected to Bluetooth, generates a popup on my iPad with the message…


      While the one which I upgraded later on does not generate this popup message. Both of the units are kept up to date with the latest firmware yet behave slightly different when the connection to Bluetooth is made. There are no functional issues, but I’m still curious why one does one thing and the other doesn’t. I would think they would both behave the same, but for some reason they don’t. Would anyone know why this happens? Thank you for your thoughts and time.



      William Bodily

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      Sorry – hard to help without being there. Things to try:

      Make sure that they both have the same (latest) software.

      Re-initialize both.

      Then, they should be the same.


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