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      Lonny Jarrett

      Hi Folks, 

          Putting together a new Pedalboard for my guitar. Having upgraded to H9 MAX I'm thinking it now makes sense to get a 2nd H9 for the board. Does anyone here use two H9s for guitar? Is this just total overkill? I'd have them in series at the end of the board as last effect and likely run in mono. Just thinking it might be nice to have reverse on one and a delay and ambience on the other for example….WDYt? thanks…….

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      There's are many of us that use two or more.  I have one running pre loop and one in the loop.  I may add another and it will go in the loop also.  Overkill…no (imo).  Just huge amounts of options!  It's all personal taste and funding.  I have never had so many compliments on my effects before and I love the H9's.  

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      I use two plus a timeline, I run a stereo setup, having two is pretty handy. Mods, reverbs, double delays, good times.

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      I run three in the FX Loop all in stereo …. Works great.

      connected via midi to keep things in sync.

      multiple H9's really do open up possibilities that I would not have condsidered before, as i say I use them in an FX loop, so I can treat the H9's as a single effect eg create an effect made up of different algorithms containing  band delays and reverbs etc… Then still blend in the dry path… Works great

Viewing 3 reply threads
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