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      I'm thinking about buying a Time Factor and I was wondering about two things:

      – The delay is limited to 3 sec., does it mean that if I turn the tempo on, the BPM can't be set below 80 BPM? I mean, if I choose a 60 BPM tempo and a delay corresponding to a whole note, then the delay will go up to 4 sec. Is this possible?

      -Can I use my MPC to adjust the tempo's TF?

      (I read that there was some troubles with the synchronisation, when the TF is in a slave mode)

      Thank you and pardon my english!

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      Eventide Staff

      The delay is indeed limited to 3 seconds – this means it cannot be increased beyond this.

      Not sure what an MPC is. TF will receive MIDIclock, but there have been some complaints that it will not handle a very bad signal.

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      Akai MPC – drum machine/sequencer/sampler

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