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      I loooove the Rose pedal. Best sounding delay pedal I‘ve ever had – reminds me a bit of my Lexicon Primetime II 🙂

      I only have two wishes… the filter knob and the mix knob both have a super fast taper. It‘sa bit like: no delay, too much delay… or no filter, way too much high cut. Would be cool if we could have a bit more control over usefull ranges. It seems there the firs quarter of the filter does very little, them it gets super dark in the next quarter turn, after that theres lotsa controll range left on the filter knob. Same for the mix, the delay gets really loud really quick which makes it hard to dial in subtle always on delays and such. If this could be adressed in an update, that would be great! Maybe make the user choose what taper to use. For example the mix could maybe have to options, as it works now, from 100% dry to 100% wet, or as a second option, keep the dry signal at unity, and only control the wet signal in parallel from 0% to 100%. (like from 100% dry and 0% wet to 100% dry +100%wet)

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