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      The  software is awesome, but there's two suggestions that could make the creative flow even easier….

      1) I know we can't delete the factory presets, however, as we all use these for different things, I'm sure that there are many factory presets that we all have that we will never, ever use under any circumstances. How about an option to hide a preset? That way, we don't have to look at a list of many more than we are actually going to use. You could always add some sort of option to toggle hides on and off, in case we want to go back and look for something. It would make navigation much easier, especially on small screens.

      2) I've come up with some great sounds using the "randomize parameters" function… how about making a button for that that we can easily one-click on, so we don't have to go through the menu every time. Since the randomize is a crapshoot, if we had the button, it would make going through them that much easier and faster.

      What say you, Eventide? This should be pretty easy stuff, right?

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      Yes It would be nice it we could delete the factory presets and start with a blank H9. That way it is much easier to see which presets you have made yourself. Now sometimes I am not sure if a preset is factory or mine and I have to rename all my presets with my name at the end so I can keep track.

      One thing I would like to add for an improvement: when going to the presets on the unit itself the only the first 5 characters (or so) of the preset name is on the display. Then after 4 seconds or so the name starts scrolling and you can see the rest of the name. For me that is too long if you want to go through the presets quickly. Would be better if you could see more characters on the screen at once or that the scrolling would happen right away.

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      They could increase the scroll speed, but not the amount of characters, it's a fixed amount.

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      As previously mentioned more than once, eliminating the preset number digits once it is loaded to increase title characters, scrolling more slowly and more often –  like every time you come back from bypass to active, that way to visually confirm your preset without remembering numbers you could simply tap the Active switch. User adjustable scrolling speed and show/hide preset number in addition to scroll title upon switched to active as well as when loaded would be very nice.

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      lordradish, that's great that the H9 has 'randomise parameters', I didn't know

      I was thinking about this possibility yesterday remembering the Steinberg DX7 software I used that had the randomise feature

      Always a good way to get interesting new sounds, although I remember you had to hit the Steinberg one a hundred times to get a usable DX7 starting patch heh

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