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      Wanted to start a thread for specific settings for any U2 songs on the timefactor, modfactor and pitchfactor. Just got timefactor and modfactor and will be posting some of my settings as soon as i dial in some good settings.

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      My reference delay that I always start with is inspired by the Edge's sound. I use the vintage delay with bit rate at 18, a medium modulation and filter at 60, mix on 40 and feedbacks at 60. I use tempo mode and set delay A to 1/8 notes and delay B to 1/4 notes. I'll also use dotted 1/8 and 1/4 notes for a different rhythm. I use a stereo amp setup, and the different tempos adds nice auditory separation.


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      There is a dude over on youtube and he has the sound NAILED!


      he uses a TimeFactor and a ModFactor.

      I was chatting with him over on another forum (TDPRI) and he is a really nice guy.

      you could drop him a PM to see if he will share his settings, without the Edge or his guitar techtelling you… I think this guys is your best bet. Watch some of his vids, he has it nailed and he is in a U2 tribute band. I must keep an eye out to see if they play near me.



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      hey guys.  I have the PF and love trying to get u2 sounds out of it.  I do have to admit that i'm a complete newb at it.  I've read a lot of posts here and everyone sounds like a genious.  I am not, but i do love to mess around with the controls until i get sounds that sounds cool.  i cant upload any patches because my PF is upstairs and im too lazy to go get it heh.  I have dl the update for the PF and it seems a little more user friendly in getting a decent "shimmer" sound ala U2.  I know you guys may come up with a better "shimmer", but this works for me:

      Shimmer sound ala U2: "Crystal" setting.   Lets start at the top left of the controls

      first row top from left to right:  9 oclock, 12 oclock, 5 o clock, 5 oclock, 1 oclock then 5 oclock

      second row bottom left to right:  5 oclock, 5 oclock, 12 oclock then 12 oclock

      thats it!!!  remember these settings arent set in stone.  Play and have fun

      BEAUTIFUL DAY solo only settings: "Synth" setting.  This is a very cool sound i came across accidentally.  It sounds a little oriental to me 🙂

      Again lets start at the Top Row and go Left to Right:

      5 oclock, 7 oclock, 2 oclock, 7 oclock, 7 oclock, 7 oclock

      Bottom Row from left to right:

      5 oclock, 7 oclock, 5 oclock and 5 oclock

      Again, im just a newb and do not know a whole lot about this pedal….i just tweeked and knob twisted until it sounded good…..twist away

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      Hello my friend just bought my timefactor but do not quite understand the settings if you have some of the u2
      please send me the email ghirlinzone@yahoo.com.br be grateful

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      I have the PF and TF.  For the PF i can get a great "shimmer" sound out of Bank 49:2.  As for the TF, use a dotted 8th note delay for songs like "Bad" , "Streets", and "Magnificent".  For songs like "New Years Day" and "Beautiful Day" use a 1/4 delay.  Just adjust the number of feedbacks until it sounds right.  Be sure to use modulation (triangle).  Also, if you want or need detailed bpm's or delay settings go here:


      Or if you need to know how to get "the" U2 sound and need help playing songs go here:

      http://www.youtube.com/user/U2GuitarTutorials      <—-great site

      Good luck!!!

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      Just fyi–

      The mod speed of the vintage delay is not fast enough to do a proper Edge-style modulation. I've been begging for Eventide to *at least* double the mod speed (and it really needs to be more than doubled) in the next TF upgrade.


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