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      Perhaps it would be a sensible thing to mention crucial Minimum Requirements with the currently free promotional offer of UltraChannel (or ANY product information, really, free or paid for), before people start chasing after that dangling carrot at great length, only to find it can't be done on their systems?

      In my case, I've been chasing after various solutions and workarounds to get UltraChannel happening for a full day now, only to finally be faced with the news that it apparently just won't work on my machine!

      Authorization via iLok License Manager software may be possible on MacOS X 10.5.8 (but only on Intel!). I'm on MacOS X 10.5.8 (PPC), and after hours of hunting for the license and jumping all sorts of  iLok hurdles and downloading all kinds of things and researching workarounds, I'm finally finding out that I simply can't authorize, even though I do now have the UltraChannel LICENSE on a newly created iLok ACCOUNT. But iLok License Manager just can't be run on my system.

      Furthermore, no specific limitations are mentioned on the Eventide website or in the promotional information about UltraChannel itself. Only by chance do I now read on page:


      Dan Gillespie wrote:

      "OS 10.5.8 is almost certainly the problem.  Mac changes things fairly quickly and often makes it so that if we want our software to be compatible with 10.9, we have to lose compatibility with some of the older OSs.  I believe we're still compatible with 10.6, but not 10.5.



      Dan Gillespie Sr. DSP Engineer"

      So NOW it transpires that UltraChannel isn’t even compatible with certain systems?

      Wouldn’t it have been useful to have that stated up front?

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