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      I am using Pro Tools 11.1.3 on a Win 7 x64 machine.

      none of the side-chains on the UltraChannel are working; the buttons
      light up as expected but do not process signal as anticipated.  However,
      using any number of other compressors in a side chain scenario work as
      expected within Pro Tools.  Only the UltraChannel is exhibiting this

      Can anyone else confirm this?

      If this
      is posted elsewhere, my apologies as I did not find it via a search. 
      Would you please point me to the correct topic/forum?  Or if this is a known bug, is there a fix in the works?


      For the sake of context, I am side chaining from the kick channel using
      a pre fader send to a bus.  The same bus has been enabled on the key of
      the UltraChannel.  I have tried several busses and different sessions
      all with the same result.
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      Eventide Staff

      Holy Moly,

      It appears that it doesn't work on the mono or mono->stereo versions in PT 11.  We'll have to fix that asap.  It does work in stereo if you need a temporary work around.

      Sorry, and thanks for letting us know,


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      No worries on this end.  Thanks for the quick response.

      I can now confirm that both the mono->mono & mono->stereo
      issue with the sidechain is evident in PT 11.1.3.  I can also confirm
      the issue (mono->mono & mono->stereo) in PT 10.3.9 on Win 7

      Your work-around is very helpful, thank you.

      anyone else, and to clarify, if you use the work-around which Dan
      previously stated (using a stereo sidechain), you must use the stereo
      version of the plugin ONLY within the PT insert; ie. you must use the
      multichannel plug-in vs. the multi-mono plug-in.

      if you have a mono kick and a mono bass, create a stereo aux next to
      the bass track.  Buss the bass output to the newly created stereo aux
      input.  Place a stereo version of the Eventide UltraChannel on the newly
      created stereo aux, which is next to the bass.  From here create a
      pre-fade send from the kick to an unused buss. ie. bus 128.  On the
      UltraChannel, where the skeleton key icon is (upper left area of the plugin),
      choose your bus. ie. bus 128.  Now engage your desired sidechain
      function.  You should now be up and running.

      Dan / Eventide, thank you for this plugin.


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