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      i must be overlooking something.


      i bought an H90 today, registered it, but now i want to un-register it, so i can sell it.

      the sound and fx are grewat, but i don’t really like the user-interface, to put it mildly.

      i cannot find any system or other option, to unregister the H90, before selling it.


      thanks for any help or suggestions…

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      ow wait – it was simoply ‘remove h90’  ??!!

      couldn’t be any simpler, if this is actually unregistering the box for future use by another lucky person..


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi leoh9, you need to log into your Eventide account on the website and scroll down to find the product in question. Click on “Deregister.” That should do it.

      If you want to give the H90 another chance, these tutorials have all the information to make you a power user. I’m also happy to answer any questions.

      H90 Tutorials

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      thanks for your help and the quick reply.


      i might get another H9, or something else altogether.

      i don’t really like using the computer or my phone or ipad. and editting on the H90 is too tedious for my taste.

      there’s just too much possibilities and parameters for too few knobs and too small a screen. 😉

      i should have kept my H949 and FL201 !


      thanks again & best wishes,


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